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Push Pull Handles

Fashion, Unique Patch Fittings-New

Patch Fittings & Accessories

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Universal Glass Clamps Patented-No Cut Out

#316 Stainless Steel Glass Clamps

Stainless Steel Glass Clamps

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Solid Brass Frameless Glass Clamps

Shower Door Push Pull Handle

Shower Door Tower Bar

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Acrylic Handles & Towel Bar-Patented

Traditional Handle, Towel Bar, Knob & Header Bracket

Water Seal & Weather Strip Air Seal

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Solid Brass & Solid S.S. Frameless Piston Shower Hinges

Heavy & Light Duty Piston Shower Hinges

Adjustable Shower Door Hinges(Patented)-New Innovation

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Solid Barss Piston Pivot Hinges - Adjustable Type(Patented)

& Non-Adjustable Type-New

SH-721 Solid Brass Heavy Duty Pneumatic Adjustable Door Hinges(Patented)-New

Handle & Knob  Don't Need To Cut The Hole On Glass - New Innovation



Frameless Glass Door Pivot Shower Hinge Don't Need To Cut The Hole On Glass (Patented)V New Innovation

LK-200 Glass Patch Fitting Locks (Patented)VNew

LK-500 Glass Patch Fitting Locks (Patented)VNew

LK-700 Glass Patch Fitting Lock-New

Glass Hinges For Patch Fitting Locks-New

#316 Solid S.S. or Aluminum Suspending Sliding Door Systems-New

Sliding Glass Door Push Locks & Hook Locks-New

Sliding Door System(Patent Pending)-New

S.S. Sliding Shower Door System(Patent Pending)-New

AP-1000 Glass Aluminum Rail-New

#316 Stainless Steel Pivoting Door System-New

Frameless Glass Eco Indoor Door Closer System-New

#316 Stainless Steel Adjustable Glass Connector Assembly-New

Adjustable Auto-Positioned Spider Hinges-New

Swivel Fitting Display System- New

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Frameless Glass Door Rail Assembly(Patented)-New

Stainless Steel Glass Canopy System-New



#316 Stainless Steel Spider Fittings- New





Glass Shower Cabinet Stabilizers


Stainless Steel Adjustable Glass Fixings-New

S.S. Sliding Glass Door Assembly-New




Stainless Steel Door Closer Clamp For Frameless Glass Doors-New

Stainless Steel Door Holder Clamp For Frameless Glass Door-New

Hand Vacuum Cups

ED-641 S.S. Push Bar Panic Exit For Frameless Glass Doors

(Patent Pending) -New





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