Two-Point Mortise Lock - short version, with short faceplate 

  • Suitable for sliding patio doors
  • Fitting most vinyl and aluminum patio door design with different faceplate
  • Material: steel or stainless steel
  • With short faceplate, material: steel or stainless steel
  • Center drive: mortise lock can be used on left or right hand door
  • Slam retraction: the hooks will retract when in the locked position and slammed against the strike from damage
  • Adjustability: the extension of hooks can be adjusted as same as the single mortise locks
  • Two opposing locking hooks extended into a keeper mounted on the frame make it virtually impossible for the door to be lifted out of the track
  • Pulling force 550kgs (1,200lbs) and 30,000 cycles tested
  • Using with all most sliding door handles - #2060, #2070 and #2095
  • Different keepers also available 

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