Door & Window Hardware Co.

(DNW) is founded in Taiwan since 1992, we design and manufacture door and window hardware from toolings, materials to durability evaluation including hinges, locks, handles, rollers, door closers & frameless glass system, etc. DNW is dedicated in developing unique and innovative hardware for customers. Buyers in over 40 countries satisfy the product quality, and appreciate the fact that we can customize them to meet end-user needs for the market.

We release about 15 new items annually, all of which are subjected to testing including salt-spray, cycle, loading and hardening tests. Many of our innovations have earned international patent recognition, as well as certified in Germany per strict European EN and DIN standard. All of our goods are guaranteed for three years and designed for a lifetime of use.

From design concept, detailed drawings, selection of material and processing technology, tooling making all the way to final production, our team aim our goal to pursuit excellence. To see how our selections can enrich your product catalogues, contact us now.

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