SH-476 (Adjustable Glass Door Closing Hinge)

SH-476 (Adjustable Glass Door Closing Hinge)


Adjustable glass door closing hinge for single swing glass door

The top is hydraulic buffer hinge. The bottom is pneumatic self-close hinge.

  • Patented
  • Adjustable closing speed 5~17 seconds
  • In-house tested 200,000 cycles
  • For single action door (rebated frame)
  • No risk of losing buffer from sudden push or wind blowing, backcheck between 110~120 degree
  • The bottom is pneumatic hinge to self close the door + the top is hydraulic buffer  hinge to buffer the door = one complete set
  • Auto return around 70~80 degree and 85~180 degree hold open.
  • Max. Glass door weight: 80kgs (176lbs) per pair
  • Max. Glass door width: 1000mm  (42") per pair
  • For Glass door thickness: 8~12mm (5/16” ~1/2”)
  • Max. open degree: 180 degree.
  • Finishes available: Brushed aluminum anodized / Brsuhed black anodized/ Brushed stainless steel like.



Applications:  (unit: mm)

1. For wooden frame

2. For metal frame

Cut out:   (unit : mm) (same cut out from SH470 and SH475)

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