SH-845-BK (Offset Hydraulic Hinge)

SH-845-BK (Offset Hydraulic Hinge)


Offset Hydraulic hinge     

  • Patented in many countries
  • Glass to wall/frame mounted
  • Pass 500,000 cycles in-house durability test with excellent product performance
  • High standard product specification using 2pcs of heavy duty precision bearings
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Elegant alternative to floor closer, easier and low cost installation (no need to break the floor), and low maintenance costs
  • Self-closing hinge with genuine hydraulic bumper, patent structure with no risk of losing buffering function upon sudden external forces (hand pushing)
  • 90  Hold-Open, max. opening degree 95゜, door closing precisely at 0°- For single action doors, ex. Office/interior doors, shop fronts, swimming pools and etc.
  • Brushed stainless steel and black powder coated. 




Dimensions: (unit : mm)

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