Formosa i series (Automatic sliding door system)

Formosa i series (Automatic sliding door system)


Automatic sliding door operator

Patented in many countries

Suitable for office partition, household and restaurant sliding door, bathroom or handicap bathroom  

Standard Certified bTÜV Nord :
- EN16005  Power Operated Pedestrian Doorsets (for durability, low energy movement, limitation of impact force..etc.)
- EN ISO12100 Safety of Machinery . Risk assessment and risk reduction (for document..etc)
- EN ISO 13849 Safety of Machinery. Safety-related parts of control systems (for document …etc)
- EN61000-6-1/2/3/4 Electromagnetic Compatibility
- IEC60335-1/2 ; IEC60335-2-103 Low Voltage Directive. Household and similar electrical appliances
- ROHS 2011/65/EU compliant

Specification :

Power supply
     Power supply:     100~240V AC ;  50/60Hz
     Circuit protection:  1 A
     Cable type:        3 X 0.75mm²

Power consumption without external accessories
     Stand-by-mode:    5W      
     Automatic-mode:   40W (Max.)
     Door weight:       20~80KGs/ single sash
     Operating temperature:      5~40 ℃
     Operating humidity:         30~70 %
     Operating noise:            Max.55dB (A)

Door preparation :
1. Only tempered or laminated glass
2. Glass thickness : 8~12mm
3. Max. glass door weight : 80KGs
4. Single door application only (the door is not to use as security or storm protected device, it is designed for indoor use)

Product advantages :
A. Easy installation – can be one man job.
B. Low noise max. 55dB (example : 30 dB = whisper, quiet library)
C. High durability, cycle test 500,000 cycles on 80kgs door with low maintenance requirement.
D. Low energy door movement.
      D-1. High safety for elderly, handicap, children and pets - The door is limited to travel at certain range speed with low 
force when it comes in contact with an obstacle or user during door movement.
      D-2. The force to stop the doorset during the door is powered and moving at any point (the force shall not exceed 67N according to EN16005).  The force is low and does not cause pain when it comes in contact with person.
      D-3. During power failure, the door can be opened easily by manual.
E. Push & Go : Our basic automatic sliding system need no motion sensor or button to trigger the door to open. With slight push of finger to trigger the door to open and close.
F. Hit & Return: Door retracts when it comes to contact with an obstacle, offering higher safety for elderly, handicap, children, pets and etc.
G. Wide range of power voltage acceptance from 100VAC~240VAC, good for country with unstable power supply.
H. Low power consumption : Automatic mode 40Watt/ Standby mode 5Watt (example of power consumption : 750-1200 watts for coffee maker).  
I. Elegant and contemporary design with 75X77mm ultra small track, for wall, ceiling and glass mounted, no glass cut out and no visible hardware outside the track.

J. Suitable for indoor environment that demands safety and prestige (i.e. handicap bathroom /private home / office / restaurant..etc).





Dimension (unit : mm)

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